Frequently Asked Questions

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General Information

1.    What is your company size?
A:     GPM has over 200 employees and a workshop with an area of more than 10,000 square meter .
2.    Do you have injection machines for mold trial?
A:     Yes. We have about 30 injection machines up to 650 ton press.
3.    How many shifts do you have every day?
A:     Generally speaking, we have two shifts for most works in the workshop.

4.    What is your payment term?
A:    We use T/T as the main payment method. For tooling, 40% deposit; 30% after T1 mold trial and 30% before mold shipment. For parts and mold modifications, 100% upon the approval of the samples.


5.     How long is the lead time for your molds?
A:     For exported tools, the lead time may vary from 20 to 30 calendar days based on the tooling size and complexity.
6.     What kind of hot runner systems do you use?
A:     We use Mould-Masters, YUDO, Incoe, HASCO and DME hot runners.
7.     How do you monitor the mold-making process? / Do you have a documented quality system in place?
A:    We have our workshop regulation as well as our project management procedure to control the quality of the tools we make.
8.    What is your best precision grade? / What is the general tolerance for you tools?
A:     For molds, the general tolerance is ± 0.01mm and the best could be ± 0.01mm.
9.    Do you make spare parts for customers?
A:     Yes, we do that only if customer requests.

Technical Services and Support

10.    Do you have any type of quality certification?
A:    Yes. Please check our quality management and certification here.
11.    What is your shipping process? Are there fees for this service?
A:    For samples, we will package and ship them using FedEx (or others if customer specifically requires). For the final mold shipment, we will package the moulds using industry standard, together with a full set of clean on board bills of landing, original commercial invoice in triplicate, packing list in triplicate, a CD including the 2D drawing, 3D drawing, ISIR, specification report, the Certificate of Material and the mould layout in A1 paper, etc. Any other parts than mould will be packaged using EPE. And normally, our quote is for FOB Shenzhen. All further fees incurred will be covered by the customer.
12.    What is your process for keeping customers informed of project status?
A:    We have weekly progress reports and necessary mould pictures for our customer. They will be sent by e-mail every Monday.
13.    Describe how finished tools are identified/labeled and stored?
A:    All finished moulds will be stored on the steel pallets, whose layers are made of ABS or similar material. They will be covered by rust preventive oil and identified using its unique engraved ID.
14.    Are maintenance/service records of production equipments available?
A: yes, Minimum of two years.

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