Metal Processing

Besides tooling and casting, we could also make standard mold components and custom machined metal parts to our customers’ specifications.

  • Standard Mold Components

Our standard mold component catalog includes ejection system, locating&lock system and date stamps, etc. We utilize CNC machining centers, along with lathes, boring mills, regular mills and drills to achieve your mold spare component requirement in time and with quality.

Standard Mold Component 1Standard Mold Component 2Standard Mold Component 3


  • Custom Machined Parts

We provide metal turning, milling, boring, grinding, drilling of small to medium cast iron, aluminum and steel precision machined parts.   With the help of our skilled CNC programmers and machinists and advanced software to assist in the manufacturing process, we are able to turn your time-consuming custom machined parts into a quality delivery!

Custom Machined Part 1Custom Machined Part 2

Custom Machined Part 3






For more metal products, please kindly check our metal part gallery.