Tool Making

Plastic injection mold was what we cut our teeth on from the beginning of our company. We have an innovative tooling division which is closely connected and integrated with our design and production teams to provide custom plastic injection mold for automotive components as well as medical and office appliances worldwide. We stick to the principle of being precise, persistent and perfect to work on custom applications and handle complex and difficult projects. Meanwhile, our internal training on a regular basis could also help our workers to gain a better knowledge of their tasks to ensure our timely delivery.

We have extensive experience in precision tools, especially multi cavities, multi-drop hot runner, thin-walled molds, etc. used in the electronics and medical fields. We have also made various kinds of tools for our customers worldwide, for example double-shot tools, IMD tools, silicone/ rubber molds, gas assisted tools and blow molds. With our advanced equipments, for example, AccuteX wire cut EDM, Sodick and Charmilles high precision EDM, and YCM machining center, we could guarantee the preciseness and quality of our molds.

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